Egyptian Field of Wheat

Carrara White marble

9 h x 1 8 w x 1 d inches


Prairie Roses

Carrera White marble

Lotus and Carp Ring

Calacatta marble

The Lotus flower and two carp symbolize a love story of two souls mated for life, connected in time...a union celebrated within the ring.

Pillar of Ability 

Statuario White marble

Individuals and families whose extraordinary courage and sacrifices; a constant force in their lives as they face daily battles both remarkable and difficult to imagine inspired the artistic exploration for BC Centre for Ability commission. Their stories spiral around the column, expressing a sense of community founded on hope, happiness, diversity, and inclusivity exemplifying the Centre's values and ideals. Drawings influenced by childhood memories and the wonderful children's books by Mercer Mayer and M.B. Goffstein set a playful tone; a natural fit for the column telling a visual story about what the BC Centre for Ability stands for. A staff member commented, “The pictographs capture the pathos and the hope. They transport one into the world of struggle, family love and the need for support from a caring Canadian society. You manage to find the joy of childhood amidst the sorrow of impediment too. You are able to capture that it is about finding a way." The Pillar of Ability honours everyone at the Centre, past, present, and future, whose work transforms lives and fosters a supportive and compassionate community founded on respect, inclusion and, most importantly, love.

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