I was born in Nova Scotia and grew up on the east coast amongst the forest. As a boy, drawing was as much a part of my life as the trees, ponds and paths.

My father served in the Navy and flew Sea King helicopters. My mother, born second generation Japanese Canadian Nisei, was a teacher. They both grew up in Revelstoke, a little mountain community more than 5000km away. Despite the distance I felt we were a close family. 

I didn't look Japanese and never really never gave it a second thought growing up. My uncle told me that I was a "half blood". I figured that meant I was half Japanese but if you had to label it then I was Japanese Canadian, third generation Sansei. The Hawaiian  term for people of mixed blood is "Hapa", and I like that. I mention this as my bloodline has factored heavily into my work.

I studied Fine Arts in Montreal and then attended the Nova Scotia College of Art ad Design so I could study under Canadian sculptor John Greer. I then moved to Pietrasanta, Italy where I worked at Studio Leonardi for three years and did a deep dive into marble carving. For the past twenty years I have maintained a quiet studio practice in Cordova Bay on the West Coast of Canada.

In tandem with sculpture I also work on paper and paint. My first book illustrations were for the beautiful story,"Paseka, a Little Elephant, Brave"; written by Ruth James. The elephant, still living today, is the inspiration for the stone I'm working on titled, Paseka.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of my work or would like me to discuss a commission, collaborative project, whether it be in stone or illustration.

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