I was born in Nova Scotia and grew up on the east coast amongst the forest. As a boy, drawing was as much a part of my life as the trees, ponds and paths.

My father served in the Navy and flew Sea King helicopters. My mother, born second generation Japanese Canadian Nisei, was a teacher. They both grew up in Revelstoke, a little mountain community more than 5000km away. Despite the distance I felt we were a close family. 

When I was a kid, my uncle told me that I was a "half blood". I figured he meant I was half Japanese. In time I learnt the correct wording,  I was Japanese Canadian, third generation Sansei. The Hawaiian  term for people of mixed blood is "Hapa", and that resonates.

I completed my Fine Arts D.E.C in Montreal and then went to do my B.F.A at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where I could study under John Greer. Hooked on carving stone I headed to Pietrasanta, Italy where I could immerse myself in the world of marble carving. I worked at Studio Leonardi for three wonderful years. For the last twenty years I have worked out of my studio at the edge of the forest near on Vancouver Island.

Besides stonework my artistic practices include, painting and illustration work. I recently worked on the book,"Paseka, A Little Elephant, Brave" by author Ruth James. 

I welcome collaboration and commissioned work. If you have an idea you'd like to discuss, please contact me and we'll go from there. Thank you.

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